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Authors  Hanen Azaza, Amira Doggaz, Lassaad Mechi, Virgil Optasanu, Mohamed Tlili, Mohamed Ben Amor

Title  Synthesis of intermediate crystal Ba1-xCaxSO4 system via co-precipitation of BaSO4-CaSO4 and partial hindrance of gypsum formation

Keywords  Barite; Co-precipitation of BaSO4-CaSO4; Intermediate solids Ba1-xCaxSO4; Morphology; Structure

Authors  H?abib-?A?llah Tayebi

Title  Using RBF and MLP models in predicting Reactive Red 198 removal from aqueous solution by SBA-15/CTAB ?composite

Keywords  SBA-15; ?CTAB; Reactive ?Red?? 198; Adsorption ?study;? ??Artificial neural network; MLP network; RBF network

Authors  Mehtap Tanyol

Title  Rapid malachite green removal from aqueous solution by natural zeolite: Process optimization by response surface methodology

Keywords  Malachite green; Natural zeolite; Response surface methodology; Isotherm; Kinetic

Authors  Reza Mosayebi Behbahani, Jamshid Moghadasi, Masoud Bijani

Title  Predicting scale formation in wastewater disposal well of Rag-e-Safid desalting unit No.1

Keywords  Total dissolved solids; Disposal well; Rag-e-Safid desalting unit; Mixing ratio; Scale; Wastewater

Authors  Teng Bao, Tianhu Chen, Marie-Luise Wille, Juan Tan, Dan Zhu, Dong Chen

Title  Synthesis, application, and evaluation of palygorskite porous ceramsite as filter media in biological aerated filters

Keywords  Palygorskite; Porous ceramsite; Micro computed tomography; Simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorus; Microbial biofilm

Authors  Sanghita Dutta, Upasona Devi, Phani Dutta, Kali Prasad Sarma

Title  Distribution and pollution status of metals in some water bodies of mid-Brahmaputra valley

Keywords  Metals; Enrichment factor; HPI; HEI; TF; ANOVA; SEM-EDX; FT-IR; Eichhornia crassipes

Authors  Tayyaba Aftab, Farzana Bashir, Bushra Khan, Javed Iqbal, Rauf Ahmad Khan

Title  Equilibrium and kinetics of color adsorption on agriculture byproducts/wastes (sugarcane bagasse, corncob, saw dust)

Keywords  Langmuir; Freundlich; Adsorption; Saw dust; Formaldehyde treated sugarcane bagasse; Thermally activated corncob

Authors  Konstantin Popov, Galina Rudakova, Vladimir Larchenko, Mariya Tusheva, Elena Afanas’eva, Svetlana Kombarova, Semen Kamagurov, Natalya Kovaleva

Title  A comparative performance ranking of some phosphonates and environmentally friendly polymers on CaCO3 scaling inhibition by NACE protocol

Keywords  Scale inhibition; Calcium carbonate; Biodegradable polymers; Phosphonates; NACE; DLS; SEM; XRD


Authors  M. Ahmad, Y. Al-Wazzan, A. Al-Odwani, J. Thomas

Title  Solid layer freeze crystallization processes for desalting saline waters

Keywords  Freeze–melting process; Forward osmosis; Reverse osmosis; Agitation system; Ice crystallization; Static crystallizer; Desalting; Bubbling process; Mechanically stirred; Ultrasonic process

Authors  K. Manjula Rani, P.N. Palanisamy

Title  Comparative studies on the adsorptive removal of Acid violet-17 dye from aqueous solution by using zinc aluminium carbonate – LDH (ZAC-LDH) and modified LDH

Keywords  Layered double hydroxide; Langmuir separation factor; Kinetics; Thermodynamics; Acid Violet-17 dye

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