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January 2017 message from Prof. Miriam Balaban, Editor-in-Chief
As we look forward to the new year, our journal Desalination and Water Treatment is pleased to have welcomed many authors from over 90 countries around the world whose research has been published in about 80,000 pages since 2009. We welcome the many new papers arriving daily and strive to give authors fair and constructive reviews. Our Impact Factor continues to grow and harbors the greatest number of citations to the journal Desalination, now in its 50th year, adding to its impact.

We have enjoyed friendly collaboration with Taylor & Francis for the past 5 years, but since T&F is now changing its policy to obligatory Open Access (OA) for all authors at a cost of 740 euros, now Desalination Publications will again be the sole publisher of the journal and continue with its Hybrid Open Access (HOA) policy where OA is available but not obligatory.

Starting on April 1, 2017 there will be no submission fee, but a publication fee of 120 euros for accepted papers only (affecting papers submitted after March 31, 2017).

We have lowered the institutional subscription rate significantly (by 40%) and hope this will make the journal more accessible to a still wider readership and ensure sustainability of the journal. We appeal to all authors and readers, institutions, societies and companies to encourage their libraries to take advantage of this very significant reduction and enable us to continue to serve the community interested in desalination and water treatment without high costs to authors and a lower cost to institutions.

Please let us know your library’s contact information or that of their subscription agent so that we can make them an offer.

You can continue to view abstracts freely on www.deswater.com and Contents Alerts will be sent regularly to a wide community in our field.

Desalination and Water Treatment

The new journal is dedicated to research and application of desalination technology, environment and energy considerations, integrated water management, water reuse, wastewater and related topics.

Impact Factor

Desalination and Water Treatment journal is included in the Web of Science, SCI-E and Current Contents.
The 2016 impact factor is 1.631.

Peer Review

All papers are peer reviewed by at least two referees. Papers presented at conferences are peer reviewed and selected with the same standards as individually submitted papers. They therefore have the same archival value.

Editorial Board

A distinguished worldwide editorial board and associate editors will guide, monitor and review the journal.
For editorial matters, contact: dwt@deswater.com


Copyright is retained by Balaban Publishers – Desalination Publications and is granted to authors who may place their papers on their personal or institutional websites (Harvard System). An electronic copy of the final paper will be provided to authors for such use.

Open Access

Open access publishing is that where the funding body supporting the author's research also covers the cost of publication so that the paper can be free to all readers as soon as it is online. The funds received for this purpose are transmitted to the publisher.

Electronic Submission

Manuscripts will be submitted electronically using an online manuscript submission and peer review system.

Online Desalination Directory (www.desline.com)

The Desalination Directory plays a central role in networking the desalination community and all those interested in the field.

The Directory includes geographical and subject indexes, a cumulative index of Desalination, a calendar of events, information about courses and other timely material. Desalination and Water Treatment will be included in the Directory.

There are currently over 35,000 entries of which about 30,000 are individual owners, suppliers, users, academic, government, and industrial researchers, engineers, operators, managers, sales representatives and consultants, and over 5,000 are Institutions, companies and associations.

Abstracting and Indexing

The journal was evaluated and immediately accepted and is being indexed. It is also being included in other indexing services such as Chemical Abstracts.

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