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Authors  Mohammed Tiaiba, Belkacem Merzouk, Abdallah Amour, Mohammed Mazour, Jean-Pierre Leclerc, François Lapicque

Title  Influence of electrodes connection mode and type of current in electrocoagulation process on the removal of a textile dye

Keywords  Electrocoagulation; Color; Turbidity; Red nylosan dye; Elecrode connection modes; Alternating/direct current


Authors  Mariusz Kuglarz, Klaudiusz Grübel, Jolanta Bohdziewicz

Title  Utilization of membrane processes for separation of succinic acid after fermentation of Miscanthus biomass

Keywords  Membrane separation; Carboxylic acids; Succinic acid; Commercial membranes (100-300 Da); Fermentation broth; Biomass pretreatment; Diafiltration; Water reuse


Authors  Parinaz Raeiatbin, Ye?im Sa? Aç?kel

Title  Removal of tetracycline by magnetic chitosan nanoparticles from medical wastewaters

Keywords  Medical wastewaters; Tetracycline; Magnetic chitosan nanoparticles (CHT MNPs); Adsorption


Authors  Amr M. Mahmoud, Yeonghyeok Kim, Ridha Ben Mansour, Ali Al-Aithan, Younggeun Lee, Sultan Ahmed, Hirdesh Varshney, Hyunchul Chung

Title  Experimental analysis and techno-economic study of once through long tube MSF desalination plants

Keywords  Desalination; Once through long tube (OT-LT) MSF; High TBT; Scaling; Corrosion; Techno-economic analysis; Levelized cost of water (LCOW)


Authors  V. Makrigianni, A. Giannakas, D. Hela, M. Papadaki, I. Konstantinou

Title  Adsorption of methylene blue dye by pyrolytic tire char in fixed-bed column

Keywords  Waste tires; Pyrolytic char; Adsorption; Desorption; Fixed-bed column; Models

Authors  Neslihan Ozman Say, Secil Bayar, Mirat D. Gurol, Ahmet Karagunduz

Title  Submerged microfiltration membrane performances of microalgal biomass cultivated in secondary effluent

Keywords  Microalgae; Submerged microfiltration; Biofouling; Mixed culture; Secondary effluent

Authors  P. Kofinas, A.I. Dounis, Essam Sh. Mohamed, G. Papadakis

Title  Adaptive neuro-fuzzy model for renewable energy powered desalination plant

Keywords  Desalination plant; Adaptive neuro-fuzzy modeling; Power model; Machine learning system, ANFIS

Authors  O. Phillips Agboola

Title  An investigation of desalination research in Saudi universities

Keywords  Desalination; Fresh water; Saudi Arabia; Ground water aquifers; Universities; Research; Scientometrics

Authors  G. Mazziotti di Celso, M. Prisciandaro, D. Karatza, A. Lancia, D. Musmarra

Title  Calcium carbonate scales on process equipment: A measure of the induction time for nucleation

Keywords  Nucleation; Induction period; Calcium carbonate; Scale


Authors  Yongjun Shen, Qihui Xu, Jiaming Shi, Mi Li, Yan Zhang

Title  Optimization and mechanism study of C.I. Acid Blue 25 wastewater degradation by Ozone/Fenton oxidation process: response surface methodology, intermediate products and degradation pathway

Keywords  Ozone/Fenton; Response surface methodology; Intermediate products; Mechanism; C.I. Acid Blue 25

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